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Julie Jones

Amara loved life on her small farm in 1970


Yountsville, Indiana. That is, until she met the strange


woman at the mill across the creek. The fact that the


mill had been abandoned for nearly a century made


it impossible for her to believe what her eyes now


convinced her were real.

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Julie Jones


Julie is an established Reiki Master-Holistic Healer, versed in both hands-on and remote work on animals as well as humans, She is a singer-songwriter for the rock band, Remote View, where she is one of two guitarists. Julie has worked independently in French and Antibelum antiques as well as in Photography and Design. The Calling of Crows is her second novel, preceded by The Plantation, her first endeavor at historical paranormal fiction. Julie is a nature-lover and lifelong vegetarian, who grew up in the woods and waters in Indiana.

Julie Jones


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But how on earth did an abandoned mill become a fully operating one in the blink of an eye? And wasn't it odd how familiar the woman seemed? Awinita spoke in riddles about another time and place, a place called Roswell, Georgia, where by the orders of General Sherman, she and a crew of female mill workers had been charged with treason and forced to relocate to a new life up north.

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Hillery Louise Ashford, heiress of a plantation long tormented by the curse of a voodoo priestess, returns to the States after an extensive education in France during the political unrest of the opening days of America’s Civil War. En route to her Louisiana home, Hillery meets and falls in love with Stuart Michaels, a renowned Washington artist. As the couple become inseparable, the realization that they are on opposing sides of a war that threatens to destroy a nation is daunting enough without the complications and additional obstacles that they will encounter.

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Reviews By Readers

I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this book! It kept me wanting to read on and on every time I picked it up! There was suspense, romance, discussion of food and gardening, and mention of many places I have lived and am familiar with! The intertwining of history and fiction was skillfully done, making the story even more interesting. I will be anxiously awaiting Julie's next book!


Enjoyable, exciting read!

After reading the first novel The Plantation I was beyond excited to see The Calling of Crows was published. The author is very descriptive of the characters in both stories making you feel like you know them and can relate to their lives both present and past. The historical references make you want to explore and learn more. There are multiple cliffhangers in both that make you think you have it figured out only to shift and leave you wanting more. Both highly recommended. Looking very forward to #3!

P. Severe

2nd novel published by a very talented author written about the paranormal and history.

An interesting, mystical, page turning ride! From dark mysterious nights to beautiful wooded scenery, with a sprinkling of culinary delight, you will enjoy this factually inspired story!

Teresa Buckles

Calling of Crows a great read!

This novel will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. Julie's writing is wonderful. Definitely recommend!

Sarah Reed

Love it!

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Julie Jones

Crawfordsville, Indiana