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The Calling of Crows


Amara loved life on her small farm in 1970 Yountsville, Indiana. That is, until she met the strange woman at the mill across the creek. The fact that the mill had been abandoned for nearly a century made it impossible for her to believe what her eyes now convinced her were real. But how on earth did an abandoned mill become a fully operating one in the blink of an eye? And wasn’t it odd how familiar the woman seemed? Awinita spoke in riddles about another time and place, a place called Roswell, Georgia, where by the orders of General Sherman, she and a crew of female mill workers had been charged with treason and forced to relocate to a new life up north. Amara’s association with the lone figure grew even as she witnessed the eerie cries of the banshee that now dominated her land. And the unusual happenings intertwined with a series of break-ins in the small country town. Added to these were the attempts on Amara’s own life. As the threats increased, Amara’s friends joined forces against whatever evil was behind the assaults, while Amara took comfort in her colorful animal family. Among these, the crow she had adopted began leaving gifts that were obviously clues to a mystery Amara was meant to unravel, and Amara’s mistrust of others began to spike. Rebounding between 1970 and 1864, Amara was no longer certain as to which life she belonged. Leaving her newly discovered love interest did not seem like an option, but neither did refusing the aid of the Roswell women, who were otherwise destined to fail. Crow would become as much of an enigma as Awinita herself, and an exotic Creole healer would open a new path as Amara struggled to solve the dilemmas of the past, present, and future.

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Turret Press 5.5” X 0.92” X 8.25” December 24, 2023 English 384 pages

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